Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I Sure Am Thankful!

Hello to all of you and I hope you still remember me! I can't believe how a month turned in to several and time was just literally a passing thing! I will tell you a bit about that toward the end for those that want to know. Firstly thank you for sticking with me and I sure hope to be much more active in this wonderful blogging world of ours.
Because I am thankful for the many blessings in my life and the fact that Artistic Outpost was so generous with giving me the time I needed these past months, I could not resist coming back with a tag using the Seed Packets Background and Harvest stamps.
I really wanted the adorable children to just stand out on their own and inked around them. The sentiment was stamped in Tiger Lily and the Harvest bounty watered colored and then all were shaded and layered up.

The background which I neglected to photograph before added all the images, was stamped in Black Archival, sprinkled a bit of Color Bursts, misted and blotted up excess water, dried and then shaded. Guess I am a bit out of the loop with remembering everything to do!
Thank you so much for stopping by today and I am going to try really hard to catch up on everyone's blogs as quickly as possible. We are finally totally done with our move from California to Wisconsin after THREE trips. Our last 5,000 mile round trip took 8 days (Friday AM until the following Friday PM) with hardly any rest and lots of long days driving and not so great food! The house in CA sold, so now we don't have that to worry about. Steve is totally retired and will probably be the first to say he has never worked so hard! LOL! We have taken time to enjoy ourselves as we can and I am just starting to unpack my craft stuff! Who knows where I put things, because I don't! I thought I was brilliant, but I fear that is not the case! You pack a box in April or May and come August, you don't remember which box has what in it! Oh well that is life, but that is OK. I have time and will get to all I need to do when I can! I also became a great-grandma for the second time and am looking forward to meeting the little one real soon. My daughter, the little bundle, Malcolm (born today) and my grandson are in this photo. I do believe the mommy was resting!
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every moment!

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